Tech Instructions

We intended for all of the technology at Carnmhor to be three things; ‘useful’, ‘efficient’ and ‘user friendly’. The instruction books for all our of tech are all inside the black folder in the wooden unit in the stone room, but should you prefer digital instructions (with some videos) then please click on the appliance below to be taken to the instruction page! 

Also, as ever, we’re available to help and advise by emailing:

The Nespresso coffee machine is in the kitchen and makes great coffee! We’ve provided some in your welcome basket and, provided there’s water in the reservoir at the rear, this machine is simple to use.

                         Click the image or icon to see full instructions.

The Carnmhor TV is set up for Freeview, HDMI input, Firestick streaming and a games console. Select the relevant input by changing the source on the remote control.

We ask that no settings are changed on the TV

Please note: TV signal can be affected by the weather.

We’ve included an Amazon Firestick on each of the TVs in the house (with the intended exception of the children’s room). This will enable, in all weathers, for streaming and access to online entertainment. 

Click the image or icon to see full instructions.

The TVs in the double and bunk bedrooms have separate DVD players. The Main TV in the ‘map’ room is used via the source selection on the TV remote, and DVDs are in the guest cupboard.

Click the image or icon to see full instructions.

Alexa is also on hand to help!  From playing a song or radio station, to asking about the weather forecast or answering questions - she’s very helpful!

Click the image or icon to see full instructions.

The Wii games console is under the stairs: simply switch on, and select ‘Wii’ on the TV source/input. Games are in the folder in the games cupboard and loaded by using the eject button. Please take care of the discs.

                        Click the image or icon to see full instructions.

‘Older technology’ maybe, but it’s definitely still worth knowing the best, safest and most efficient way of using our log burners!

Its best to build a small stack of kindling, leaving large gaps for the air and fire to consume:

Internet at the cottage is via 4G signal - as such, the router is set up to maximise speeds. Instructions for resetting the router should it be needed are in the guest information book.

For issues we can help and advise by emailing:


              Please DO NOT interfere with the router           

                    at any time.

Alarm clocks are in all bedrooms. 

The King and Double bedroom clocks are easily controlled by two dials on the rear (time and alarm) and the alarm activated or stopped using the switch on the left: UP is on, DOWN is off.

Using the sustainable firelighters provided, break this into small squares and use two or three to push inbetween the bottom kindling. Light them.

Close the door, and ensure the air flow lever is open (to the left) to allow maximum air flow for your fire.

When all the kindling is burning down, add more kindling. As the fire grows large, logs may be added and the air flow lever closed to allow slower burning. Do not overstack the fire, do not fill the fire and do not leave the fire unattended. 

Click on the image or icon to see full instructions.

The kids alarm is similar, with the only changes needed on the alarm would be SET MODE to ‘AL SET’ (to set time) and then ALARM MODE to ‘Alarm on’

Electric Ceramic Hob

Ensure the power isolator on the wall (red switch) is ON.

Press and hold the PADLOCK button to unlock, then the corresponding hob number. 

Press the + button to raise the heat, and the - button to lower (9 = maximum, 0 = off).

When off, please remember the hob stays hot for a period.

Please do not allow pans to boil over, stain or scratch the hob glass - thanks!

Electric Oven (2x)

Turn the dial on the right hand side to select the function.

Clockwise from 0 is:


Then turn the left dial to the directed temperature.

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